Sunday, September 25, 2011


The first drawing is for an awesome charity book called BHRR Charity Art BOOK. Check it out!

The others are the latest of my cafe sketches! All pen on paper, the 2 were coloured in PS.

I've recently discovered 2 amazing sites...the first being my pal Megans, her site is called She updates constantly and it's a great source of inspiration!

The other is, it's a very cool site!

Check them out!

Thanks again for all the comments, and feedback...they keep me going!


Gillian said...

Great post! I especially love your dog character and think that it's great that it is going towards charity. Of course, I also enjoy all your "cafe sketches". I recognize a few of them from the airport! You really captured their characters. Keep it up! Looking forward to more posts.

Nachshon Rubel said...

awesome sketches! you're really going nuts with those shapes...i love it, big nose guy is hilarious

Ivan Oviedo said...

Hi Trent,

Thanks man, for comment in my blog.
I love your work too, is very inspiration for me.

Derek Evanick said...

Nice work man! I really like the pushed shapes and proportions in in the second image.
That's cool you were animating on fish hooks. Mercury is awesome!