Monday, August 31, 2009

11 Second Club

11 second club from trent correy on Vimeo.

This is my 11 second club entry for August, I had alot of fun animating it, and I hope to do that competition again! Next time I am definately going to focus more on story and acting, as apposed to character(and just getting the damn thing done!). If you think this is worthy, toss me a vote at The 11 Second Club !! All revisions and comments are much appreciated, I'm either going to clean and colour this one, or do the September competition, so they will help ALOT! Thanks!!!!! Enjoy!....Below is my thought process, doodles, thumbs and linetests! (you might have to "refresh" to leave a comment.

**** I almost forgot, I am now offically an Animation Mentor student, starting September 28th!!!!

Animation thought process....

Hey! Alright so I thought I would post some of my animated thought process. Basically I used a character I designed in my second year of school, and I tweaked things last month to make him a little more animatable. I have some thumbnails up there, I definately have ALOT more, but for the life of me, I couldn't find them. I really tried to find out all my poses, some breakdowns, and alot of timing and spacing with those thumbs. One of the big things that helped me this month was getting warmed up befor drawing. Every time I sat down to animate, I would draw a disney screencap, either a page, or just one drawing, depending on how I felt. I think it really helped my overal construction, linework, appeal and expression/style. It was almost like learning from osmosis, after sketching these properly, and trying to get them on model, it go me in a good groove to animate.
Other that that....I will through up some linetests shortly, but I really didn't do all that many linetests, I tried to limit myself to one a day, sometimes I did one every 3-4 days just because I wanted to try and depend on flipping, and seeing timing and spacing with the naked eye. Overall I am only really satisfied with about 40 frames, and even they need alot of tweaks. But I am happy to have met my goal to just complete it, it is actually quite challenging on it's own. I plan to compete again in the September competiton, and hopefully my focus will be more on story and better acting...than completion, and trying to keep the character on model. Simpler character! Thanks for checking out my work, all critiques and comments, good or bad are definately welcome!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hey- These are some sketches I did at the Zoo last week. They were done with Ebony, then I threw in a quick grayscale on PS. Unfortunately the Zoo was PACKED, not much room to draw...and I think we were only there for 3-4 hrs...but w/e. We also went to Chuck Gammage studio with Charged, he really liked it...but they have no work right now... -Chuck is the nicest guy in the world, and it is a super sweet studio, I would LOVE to work there! Some bad news...Charged didn't make the Ottawa Festival....not surprising because it wasn't artsy we've been told my many...but we have our fingers crossed on many more festivals!

Stay Tooned! 11 second club coming this way...I promise!