Saturday, June 27, 2009

Faces, gestures and thumbs!

Some funky faces, mostly from people I've drawn at the mall! Lots of fun to characturize!

These are some gestures I've been doing at Starbucks. I tried a new medium, using black pen and then doing a quick and light tonal with a greyscale marker. I also tried doing the gesture with the marker 1st, and then going in with pen. I'd still like for these to be looser, like one line drawings, but it's hard for me not to finish drawings. I had alot of fun trying to work on my weakness, like capturing people in movement, and giving people personality! I'd love to hear feedback!

These are some thumbnails I did, while doing Location Design at Mercury filmworks. Also done with pencil and marker, or pen and marker. Enjoy!
If you haven't checked out "Sketchy Business" the new monthly sketch blog, be sure to check it out!

Sketch Blog 1st Theme

This is my first subumission for the new Sketch blog I started last month! Everyone had super stuff, there is some truly beautiful artwork up there, definately worth checking out! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sketch Blog??

Hey! So we've been talking about starting a sketch blog, right? I put a link on the right column that says "sketch blog". Basically anyone that wants to join has to send me their email, so I can give you people permission to post your own sketches. We were thinking that every month is a different theme, you can do as many or as little drawings as you want, in your own creative style...any medium. It'd be alot of fun and keep us all sketching and doing our own thing. June is going to be a "Warrior" theme. I was thinking that at the end of the month, we vote the best sketch, and the winner gets to pick the next months theme. Let me know what you think, and leave your email in a comment. ....oh ya....we need a better name too!

BTW this is a sketch I did for my friends( basically family)- 90th birthday. His name is Berny and he is the one on the right, with his wife Peggy. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish rendering, and I gave them the original, but here it is! ...Took about 12 hours