Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 11 Second Club....round 2

Untitled from trent correy on Vimeo.

I thought I'd try this months 11 second club again. Last month I received an 18th/188 entries, I'm hoping to improve upon that... This took me about 20 days...I kind of got uninterested in this during the last week, but I am happy to have finished it. Thanks to Collin for helping me refine the character, and to Ian and Collin for animation feedback. Some of the best feedback I received was from my girlfriend Gillian, an outsiders opinion is always great!
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If you think it's worhty, you have until October 5th to throw me a vote! Thanks!

Keys/Breakdowns & Character Sketches...

Well, I thought I would thow in my keys and breakdowns, seeing as I lost all my old linetests. I really tried to block out this animation, which is extremely hard to do...espiecally when using alot of offset timing. I tried to treat it as if I were going to give my keys to an inbetweener....poor inbetweener. I also included character sketches. The character came rather qucikly, as soon as I heard the dialogue I pictured Esma (Emperors New Groove). I remembered a lady I had drawn at a coffe shop (bottom right) so I based it off her, and referenced alot of Esma and Jafar for the animation and design. And the bird is....basically a glorified clipart. Hope you like it! All feedback and comments are much appreciated!!
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