Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guys in suits...?

I was sketching at Starbucks a while ago, and started to notice how forced guys suits were. Either they barely fit, or they were too big...or their necks were bulging. So I decided yesterday to do these guys...practice my painting and inking a little more. I've been working on my characters quite abit too. I've always been told that's the weakest part of my portfolio...sooo practice practice practice. And I'm animating quite abit this month, doing last months 11 second club(because it was a good dialogue!) Hopefull I'll be in next months competition! AND I'm going to the Toronto ZOO thursday!! Aswell as Chuck Gammage!
Animals will be posted soon!!!!!
Stay tooned!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Heyo bloggers! Alright so the top one of Achilles I did for this months Sketch Blog Theme!
The other two pages were some rough sketches and ideas that I had for last months theme, and I decided to practice my painting and inking.
Please, any crits would be awesome, I'm still struggling with painting!
Until next time....