Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cafe Sketches

Unfortunately I haven't been drawing too much, but here are some scribbles from the local coffee shop! I need to draw more now that I'm working in 3D, I'll try to post more often!
I'd love feedback as always, all criticism is certainly welcome!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jimmy Two Shoes

I spent about 8 months working with the super talented Kyle Marshall, Sean Scott, Darren Ward and Steve Lambe on Jimmy Two Shoes, season 2. I was doing mainly storyboard clean-up and revisions along side some of the finest storyboard folks in town. During my time I was lucky enough to work with the amazing Steve Lambe (character designer season 2) and help out doing some board specific poses for the animators. Above are a bunch of Miseryvillians that have eaten pickles and gotten that horrid plague...pickle zombies.

Here are some board poses, and costume changes all based off the talented Steve lambe. Everything from cyclopse lions, paintball bunnies, fighting food and an Irish street kid named Peep. Be sure to check out the talented crew:
Kyle Marshall (co-director/season 1 character designer)
Sean Scott (co-director/creator)
Darren Ward (prop designer)
Steve Lambe (character designer)
More to come!!