Friday, September 16, 2011


A sketch I did this morning for my girlfriends' sisters Birthday, based on a picture of her in Africa. Thanks for all the great feedback and comments, have a good weekend!!


JK Riki said...

Epic. Very, very nice. I was at the zoo recently doing some sketching. Sadly my elephants (and everything else) didn't turn out anywhere near as good as your there. :)

Guess I better keep practicing.

Gillian said...

It's amazing Trent! I love what you've done with the elephant. Great character design and beautiful silhouette. Keep drawing!

Ivan Oviedo said...

Hi Correy, thanks for the compliments in my blog. Your work is
very good, I love your characters.
Congrats man.

Nachshon Rubel said...

great drawing man, this elephant is really awesome,I love how its stylized but still somewhat realistic.

A.C. Braxton said...

Very cool design.