Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 11 Second Club- Character and Planning

I've taken some great suggestions from you guys, and I've tried to incorporate them into my character and thumbnails. If you can deciefer what's going on in my story poses, I would love some feedback...also on the overall design. I've kind of decided to make this into a 2 month project, because of a busy schedual...I don't want to find myself rushing it. But I will definately make sure to get a finished rough version into the competition. I tried to force myself to plan more than usual, when I was at "The Princess and the Frog" presentation by Eric Goldberg he told the audience that 85% of his time on a scene goes into planning...that blew my mind.
I took it from 1% to maybe steps.
All your thoughts and comments help alot


Tooninator said...

Great work lately Trent. Haven't been around the Sketchblog cause I've got tons going on, but one day I'll get back to it.

Chris Graf said...

great idea for the character! you got some really nice solid drawings here...cant wait to see the animation!!
nice stuff!

Unknown said...

If that's just 9% increase the Wow... I fact WOW all the anyways, this stuff is great! I love the rhythms and fluidity to the designs. Ya got great personality in there too - Good luck with the competition