Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Demo Reel 2011

Here is an updated demo reel, and some old/new coloured cafe sketches to keep this blog moving!! Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks for all your kind words. My updated portfolio can be found at:


MayYeo said...

Loving your new stuff!! I was expecting to see Smurf scenes from you! And I love those linetests as well. Also, your café sketches are getting better and better! You just improve, man! Keep it up!

Adam Temple said...

Great reel! Love the new sketches too. And btw your themes on the sketchblog are inspired. I'm really digging them.

This is Dandu said...

Hey Trent! This is Cristina and Im first yera at Algonquin. Saw your presentation in the beginnin gof the year and just found your blog by mistake. Your work is amazing and will keep on watching :)