Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

I had the privilege of working on this great new Disney TV show called Jake and the Neverland Pirates. There were so many talented artists involved, a huge shout out to Mercury Filmworks, all the animation, layouts and 3d were done there, they set a huge standard for TV!
This show is not 3d, nor is it traditionally's done in ToonBoom Harmony and is considered "paper cutout animation". It premiers on Valentines Day...for any 2-6 year old reading this blog.


Unknown said...

Trent! whattup brotein! How's Van treatin ya? Guy your sketches are lookin sweet, so full of life! Hope you're well, I'll give ya a shout as soon as I'm in town. Take care buddy, all the best in 2011!

Aaron said...

hey man the drawings look great. I love Jimmy two shoes that sh#t must have been fun. I didn't know you were coming out to Van. I live in Gastown, dont know too many hot spots but love to sketch. Gimme a shout some time if ya wanna head out. Beans.

Joel Chambers said...

Can't wait to see the show on the air

E's Dad said...

Just saw a commercial for this and raced to the internet, hoping to find a big red button that would stop it from ever airing. Why does every crapping kids show nowadays have to have the exact same (shitty) look, feel, sound and general level of obnoxiousness? And what the @#$@% happened to Captain Hook?
Fortunately, and to his credit, E mainly seems to enjoy vintage Sesame Street. He won't even sit through more than two minutes of "Cars".
(And this is probably too nuanced, but what's with all the pirates-as-protagonists in juvenile "entertainment", at a time when real-life pirates are actively looting, killing, and making outrageous demands of sovereign nations?)
Hey, they're just 2-6 year olds, right? No big?
Sorry Trent, but you're on the Shitlist.

Dave 'Diamond' Merritt said...

I know this work. Nice one buddy. Hows sunny Van treating you? Talk soon.