Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday Cafe Sketches & Work in Progress Animation

Some coffee shop and animal drawings. These animals are from Ottawa's very own Zoo, also known as a farm.

Run WIP from trent correy on Vimeo.

This is a work in progress animation I've been working on. Things are still pretty rough, but I'd love some feedback as always!


Gillian said...

Where to begin... Everything looks so great and scrolling up from the very first of your posts I can see that you have made great improvement and have continued to diversify your style and put yourself up to new challenges. Great job! I think that the gestures you posted evoking the depressed/lonely emotions were very well done and the body language really showed what the character was feeling. I especially liked the bottom left. Your "zoo" animals show your strong life drawing ability and you have brought every detail about the animal's weight, mood, posture and habits into your sketches. The pig is my favourite. Maybe next time you can try to capture animals in movement like horses running. At last, your mentor animation blew me away! I love the exaggerated movements and the great use of every joint in the body to portray this goofy character's run cycle. Warner bros look out! Looking forward to seeing some of your traditional animation... next post perhaps?

Great work Trent!

Nour Ahram said...

very nice and smooth animation Trent :D I like it, keeep it up
and waiting for more :D

Unknown said...


How are you man!? Man a load of superb stuff ! Its almost too much goodness

Glad to see you rockin the place still and Im gonna try and not be such a slacker with the visiting.

Keep on keepin on!

Desiree said...

Oooh... i love this animation, its super fun and feels loose and smooth!

Bianca Beneduci said...

SO LOOSE! very nice.. thanks for the comment on my blog! hope you're doing well.

TH3DEN said...

Hey man! Haven't been here in a while, i see you've been killin it! Really great stuff and awesome 3d, how's class going? Also thanks for dropping by, hopefully i don't drop the ball on the updates!

Ang said...

Hey Trent! I see that you're Th3den's friend! Thank you for such a nice compliment on my blog. I really dig your stuff! Very nice motion and character! Keep it up. I will def be checkin back :)

Trent Correy said...

Hey thanks for the encouraging words everybody!

ahmadIzHere said...

I am animator,
but now starting again and using your images as practice