Tuesday, February 23, 2010


John Locke for the Monthly SketchBlog
This was fun, it's so relaxing just to draw a funky picture despite how busy you get, it clicks your brain off for a while.
Thanks for all the feedback and comments, keeps me going!!


Kyle Hunter said...

nice stuff man! i was totally gonna do a caricature of mike rowe, but it never really took off.
i like the top one the best.
p.s. were not alloud to get other people to work on our film to try to get it done before the open house, we can do it after, but not now... so... boo

Andrew Ferguson said...

Nice, mang.
I don't watch Lost, but I've seen the first guy and that charicature is bang-on.

Wendi Chen said...

very nice caricatures... i like the ears on the bottom guy :D

Kirk Jorgensen said...

Hey Trent,

Nice work on the Caricatures... have you been to Booby Pontillas blog?, he's doing the online schoolism course. Also
sorry I didn't get back to you on the sketch blog.. but yes I would like to join!. Hopefully I can find the time to contribute. I'm workn' on the "reel" right now.... Did you hear about Mike Venturini from Pixar coming to T.O.? I'm definitely thinking of taking it in.

Dan Elder said...

Beauty dude.!

Jules Cherubin said...

sweeeet! keep it up man

kanishk said...

i like the top one the best.
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