Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Film 2009

CHARGED - Animated Short Film

This is my Final film in my third year at Algonquin College. I teamed up with Collin Tsandilis & Mayrhosby Yeoshen to Produce the film. Thanks to our mentor, Ian Jeans, all the Algonquin Staff and everyone else who contributed. A huge thanks to my family; for love and support, my girlfriend; for constantly pushing me and always being there. Lastly, to my classmates for pushing eachother and always willing to lend a hand! Enjoy!!


Adrian Brisland said...

All right! I was hoping you guys would post this thing eventually.

Super cool, super inspiring. Congrats on getting it all done!

Adam Temple said...

Nice film! I'm really impressed at how your group was able to keep consistancy throughout! Thanks for the comment!

Tapan Gandhi said...

that was awesome!! definitely a million times better than my 3rd year group film haha.

thanks so much for posting this :)

Kyle Marshall said...

send me an email at milly4monkeys@gmail.com and will throw you some info and links to festivals

You guys have some really nice stuff here

Frank Macchia said...
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Frank Macchia said...

Thanks for the kind words man.
Congrats on your group film. That's an incredible student film, man...beautiful animation...insanely intricate BGS...and a really clever story.
Amazing stuff man.

are you done school? working?

Mat Hains said...

hey dude, me, duke and adam are going to the kratts studio friday (may 29) afternoon. So i'll be close to your place. If your there I could come pick up the DVDs. We're going to see UP after, it be sweet if you'd tag along! Leave me your address/number.

btw, your film is ok.... i guess :)


Chris Graf said...

wow, great story, very imaginitive and some very fine animation! oh, and crazy good layout!

chrisallison said...

Nice film! Really sweet production value on all the artwork. Pulled off a really sweet style too. Great job, Trent!

Corrie said...

Hey just checking your site out, awesome work on this!

LeMark said...

great work, i really enjoyed it. i like the concept and the idea of how we get txt messages. really cool!

Sean said...


Thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed your film too. It's got some really nice cartoon-y animation, and a unique and original story.

Great work!

Desiree said...

Awesome!!! Love the animation and the BG's are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

That film was incredible, it looks like Disney! Great work:)

Meesimo said...

Thanks for checkin out my blog.
This short is great!

James C Ditmer said...

Hey man, I just dropped in and saw your short and I loved it. You have some beatiful drawings and renderings in there. Great job!

Jenn Hagman said...

I still can't get over this film. Applause all around you guys.

Eugen Caitaz said...

Wonderfull cartoons!!!
I am not profesionall but sometimes I made cartoons too, look here:


Guillermo Biasini said...

I am really impressed. Good Work!

Chu said...

I found your blog accidentally browsing for inspiration. I'm May's sister. I have been salivating with your blog from start to end, your artwork is just incredible! Mind blowing!

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