Friday, January 16, 2009

More People Sketches

Well, the guy on the left is from BillingsBridge Shopping Plaza. For anybody who lives in the Ottawa area, I highly recomend Billings Bridge to draw. Apparently all the funny looking people in the city get together to hang out there. It's really odd, there's also an extemely high population of old people (my favourite to draw). The guy on the right is from the Algonquin Caf. Collin and were sketching there befor class, this guy was giving everyone dirty looks. Not only that, but this crazy crack head lady that works the cashier just about ran him over with a trolly full of food. I hope you can catch the Jurassic Park reference in his picture; if you can't, watch the movie again and again until you do.
( sorry for the "crack head" reference, but it's really the only good way to describe the lady)

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Anonymous said...


I got the reference.
Clever girl......